Takeover at Whisper Base.

War rages across the galaxy. Both the brutal Galactic Empire and the desparate Rebal Alliance reel in the face of terrible losses. Though rebel forces managed to destroy the superweapon called the DEATH STAR, their victory did not come in time to save ALDERAAN. Fear and uncertainty sell in the galactic community.

Now, one small battle begins on the verdant world of ONDERON. Deep in the jungle, Rebel intelligence has discovered a listening post built by MOFF DARDANO to spy on his rival, ADMIRAL CORLEN. The Rebel Alliance has sent a crack team of infiltrators to take the secret listening post and turn it into a forward Rebel base in the Japrel system. After hours of sluogging through the dense jungle, with its poisonous foliage and oppressive heat, the heroes have reached their destination: Whisper Base. Compared to staying in the jungle, thei prospect of ambushing an Imperial patrol and breaking into a heavily guarded base seems almost pleasant…

Whispers in the Jungle

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