Daska Rourke

Officer in the Imperial Navy until he defected


Daska was born on Corulag into a family with a strong tradition of service in the Imperial Navy.

With Corulag’s reputation as being an exemplar of Imperial behaviour, and home to the Corulag Imperial Military Academy, it isn’t surprising that Rourke followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Navy.

For a while life was good. Daska traveled from posting to posting and advanced through the ranks as he went. His life was good, it became more comfortable, socialised with more powerful people and he saw more of the galaxy. That turned out to be a problem.

At home on Corulag, the non-human population was tiny. As a trainee and junior officer, he rubbed shoulders mostly with his human peers. With seniority came social evenings in the homes of senior officers, where word was done by slaves (aliens) and entertainment was often exotic (aliens performing degrading actions). There also came leave on a variety of planets, where it became obvious that humans were given some significant advantages and aliens were often enslaved. Daska became increasingly… uncomfortable.

The final straw came on Esseles when Rourke became caught up in a protest about the treatment of slaves on the planet. Griff Takel dealt with such things “efficiently” and it was mere minutes before Stormtroopers arrived on the scene to end the protest.

Rourke was pulled out of the line of fire by a member of one of the local Rebel cells and into hiding. They spent the night keeping their heads down and talking. Daska made the decision to defect.

Daska Rourke

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