Biz'yyar Starchaser

A Cathar who has escaped slavery and is out to take revenge on The Empire


The Cathar are an old race, originally inhabiting the planet of Cathar where they lived in clans in cities built into the trees. During the Mandalorian Wars, their planet was conquered by the Mandalorians and those that did not escape off world were either murdered or sold into slavery.

Biz’yyar Starchaser, called ‘Biz’ by her friends, was born into slavery on the imperial world of Korriban. Her father, Tor, worked as a mechanic, working with their clan T’Char at abandoned Sith temples on Koriban, maintaining machinery used for excavating ancient artefacts for the Empire. Her mother, Eyya, worked as a dancer in a local cantina.

Although Biz was a slave, as a child she was free to mostly do as she pleased and she spent much of her time with her father, playing amongst the ruins of Korriban and learning from her father about maintaining and building machinery. She took to it like a Tauntaun to snow, and was soon upgrading equipment and building droids to assist with the excavating. By the time she was 12 she had built a personal DUM-pit droid, nicknamed ‘tic-tac’ after the strange sound it made when it walked. The droid followed her everywhere and the two of them spent many hours exploring the ruins and tinkering with all sorts of machinery and droids.

By the time Biz was 16, she had proved herself to be an exceptional mechanic. Although she wanted to stay on in the clan, helping maintain the excavation equipment, her beauty was soon noticed by an Imperial Officer named General Euron Ratnar. Despite her protests, he removed her from the clan, ensconcing her in his personal compound on Korriban where she was fitted with a slave collar and learnt to serve as a Geisha, entertaining visiting friends and dignitaries.

It took two years before she was trusted enough by Euron that she could make her escape. Whilst Euron, Biz and Euron’s personal guard travelled to Coruscant on an Imperial Shuttle, Biz managed to stash Tic-Tac on board the ship. Whilst Euron slept, Tic Tac snuck into his quarters and managed to unlock the slave collar around Biz’s neck. As they fled, the on-board alarm was raised and the two them only just made it to the escape pod in time. As the pod flew through space, the shuttle fired on them, damaging the engines of the pod. As the pod crashed onto the surface of one of the moons of Yavin, Biz was injured and Tic-Tac destroyed. Biz managed to crawl from the wreckage with the memory core of her droid before she fell unconscious. She woke in the medical bay of a secret Rebel Alliance base and from that point she knew that the Force had brought her to the Rebellion so that she could wage war against the Empire.

Biz'yyar Starchaser

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